Welcome to H&M, Here we enter with a high presumption of finding no drastic monster. H&M’s new shift in attitude has everything to envy and admire. The most Ethical Fast fashion company. they say. H&M is now the second leading brand of fast-fashion in the world with a production of 800 millions garments per year. We head toward their Conscious collection which is entirely made out of 100 percent organic cotton, and of new textiles made of recycled plastic. Feel this new fabric,, will it be comfortable to wear? As your palm strokes the woven piece of cloth, the feeling of soft skin surprises your senses. It feels just like soft skin gone rough, Tickling fingers are now playing with your fingers. That instant when you touch the fabric to find out if the material will suit your standards, that instant triggers his apparition . Digito Multis carries each pair of hands involved in the process of making clothes to meet with your hands and salute your skin. An average of 150 people manipulate the garment before it reaches our stores, a hundred a fifty heads, that is three hundred hands, that is three thousand fingers, cutting, trimming, sewing, scissors needles, scalpel, rulers, finger tips, nails, joints, buttons, pins, pores, knuckles. As we put on our clothes every morning, these three thousand finger nails tickle our skin 10 hours per day seven day a week, for as long as the factories sewing machine are ticking.