We enter GAP, here a white cotton T-shirt is valued at 7pounds fifteen. and on the label we read : A T-shirt that feels good to wear that you can also feel good about? That's what more than 500 Gap stores are now offering with their new range of organic cotton T-shirts. But as we observe more closely the floor, we understand that something is not quite right. .. (Cotton-field-floor) See these branches emerging from the slits of the wooden planks, they are a sign that Fiberella is around… Her presence here, manifests abnormal circumstances., Well Gap and company were said to have signed the Cotton Pledge and their cotton certifies grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, but the reports show that they still largely source their fiber from Uzbekisthan, one of the remaining countries where forms of social slavery still exist in the cotton farming industry. Fiberella is the most stable divinity of all. Like Ganesh, she is the Goddess of beginnings. She is worshipped first before all. She follows the cycle of Nature and doesn’t like fast unpredictable changes. She needs 25 weeks to blossom and likes hand picking processes. Fiberella cherishes the time where a fashion season changed every 10 years, ever since it changes 52 times per year, she has been re-engineered and modified over and over again, and has manifested her anger violently in the fields. For each and every toxic spray received on her fluffy ends, Fiberella takes away life . To your right, you can see the Sixteen different types of pests who dwell in the cotton flower, Each of these bugs have their own tailored pesticides.. Fiberella accompanies her protected through the processes of ginning and purification. She watches elements as they change states and her own state changes; Pristine white use to be her signature colour, but there are always shadow at her edges, we can never see her pure again, no matter how hard we try she is everywhere and so is her shadow.